Advantages of Monochromatic interiors

Who doesn’t like either black or white hues? Even if you’re a big fan of colours, you still probably either wear or introduce one of these colours into your daily life, in clothes, in interiors, and even in food 😉 (Salt & Pepper at least!)

A recent article  “It’s all black and white” on Jossandmain caught my eye recently. Indeed, black and white never go out of fashion or style; they’re constantly reinterpreted and reinvented, and can be very easily updated with colours! That’s good news for those of you worrying about their monochromatic interiors being too boring. Monochromatic is stylish!



This console cabinet would look fabulous in any living room or make a strong statement in a hallway or entrance lobby.

023-010 DC49004 dining chair

Stylish and very feminine (thanks to lovely curves) chair would be an excellent addition to a formal dining room or even added as a desk chair in a chic office.


If you prefer making a bold statement go for this much more masculine chair with timeless design, and place it in the corner to draw attention.


This desk would be perfect for a masculine office. And for a feminine one, this simple, gracious piece from your favourite high-street John Lewis:

Little Home Hickory Desk, White

For those of you more keen on a contemporary style, why not choosing simple, clean lines:



If you want to go monochromatic throughout, make sure you keep consistency in your fabric choice.

Momentum Sheer Arc 1305586Momentum 130585

For the window dressing, you can choose some beautiful sheers, like these from Harlequin-one of my favourite fabric suppliers.

TIP: play with contrast; if you choose dark sheer, go for lighter colour fabric for the blind; the lighter sheer will look very stylish with darker blind.

HVER131309_zoomHarlequing Tembok Satins Silver shagreen wallpaper-zinc

If you use patterned fabrics, complement them with plains and textures.




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