Making old look new

I have recently completed an important stage of one of my projects in Cambridgeshire, and wanted to share with my followers how we cleverly manage to save a very old, very average credenza that now sits proudly in the dining room, and looks absolutely fabulous.

Here’s the picture of the credenza, as you can see, not entirely appealing, and you wouldn’t probably put it in any room, right?

Old credenza
Old credenza

The clients asked me whether we could possibly do something to bring it life, and use it in their new house. I love challenges like that!

So, since there was an existing shagreen joinery in the house, which the clients quite liked, and because they wanted the house to have some art deco accents, I thought of using shagreen on the credenza…

This is the concept image of a shagreen credenza:

Concept for a shagreen credenza
Concept for a shagreen credenza

Beautiful, stunning credenza! So how do you achieve this look with the one you have that looks nothing like the one you would like?

First of all, the old credenza was sanded and oiled, as the wood looked really tired and worn out.

Then, the credenza received the new panels; we used the plywood to make the new panels, which were then carefully wallpapers with this gorgeous wallpaper with a shagreen texture from Thibaut. Sounds straightforward and simple, yet the effect is this sophisticated credenza:

Of course it looks even better with beautiful. new shades from Graham and Green and vases from Aura 🙂

New shagreen panels credenza
New shagreen panels credenza

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