Katie Malik Interior Designer Cambridge

Bringing outdoors in: terrariums

This week on my blog has been devoted to bringing outdoors in and making the house green. I’ve decided to bring back ‘the product of the week’ post, as there are so many interesting things I would  like to share with my followers; it’s been quite difficult to select a product this week among all these ‘green’ things; I wanted it to be pretty of course, but also practical, something that can be used in almost any space; the winner this week is a terrarium:

Katie Malik Interior Designer Cambridge
Casafina’s terrariums

Nowadays, following the trends of refining every day objects for new uses (like the lighting fixtures below) – terrariums have added toughness and more refined angles, and come in gold-plated and copper-plated versions.

Katie Malik Interior Designer Cambridge
Cage chandelier from the Scandinavian Design Centre

Some of my favourite terrarium designs, apart from those from Casafina include:

Katie Malik Interior designer Cambridge
Brass cage terrarium-West Elm

West Elm terrarium’s brass-finished metal frames give an industrial touch, making an interesting window sill or coffee table decoration. The price start at £39.99 for the smallest terrarium, and are available to ship in the UK. I think, the winner is, however, inspired by the cubist movement, Cube terrarium, which is built from containers clustered together, allowing you to design your greenery any way you want. The price for a set is £44.00.

Katie Malik Interior Designer Cambridge
Cube terrarium-West Elm

Enjoy more accessories on my Home shop page.


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