Katie Malik Interior Designer Cambridge

Product of the week: tray contour side table

Earlier this week, on my design Tuesday, I made a post about a perfect afternoon tea with Susie Watson designs beautiful cups, mugs, and teapots; but what would that mean without a tray, where your favourite cup of tea could be served on, even to yourself only-sometimes it’s nice to treat yourself like a guest in your own house 😉 And what if that tray was part of a side table? Sounds just perfect, right? That’s why, the product of the week is a tray contour side table from Swoon Editions:

Katie Malik Interior Designer Cambridge
Glenn blue side table

Tray tables are not only trendy, but very practical, as the tray can be removed and used to serve drinks. Glenn table features a mid-century styling and a sculptural frame in solid mango wood with very subtle grey wash finish. In addition to this, it costs only £80- a bargain for such a great design and high-quality materials!

If you prefer a square option, this tray table might be an option for you! I used it on a Chapel Lane project, but unfortunately it comes from a shop that’s closed down recently- if you find it somewhere, let me know:

Katie Malik Interior designer Cambridge
Iconic Jasper side table

I wish you a very relaxing weekend, with lots of cups of tea and all your favourite things!


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