Katie Malik Interior Designer Cambridge

In conversation with Nazanin Amiri

I’ve had a pleasure to meet Nazanin Amiri in Cambridge during her stay at Education First, where she was been preparing to enter a UK university to pursue a PhD in Textile Design. Nazanin has been studying design technology since 2004 and specialises in textile design. When she first told me about her passion, I couldn’t wait to interview her to ask about the source of her inspiration.

Katie Malik Interior designer Cambridge
Nazanin’s design

Nazanin describes herself as imaginative, romantic and sentimental which is reflected in her designs. Almost immediately, I’ve noticed Nazanin’s designs are very colourful; as she explained everything is so industrial and grey, therefore people need colour in their lives, colour that comes from nature. In accordance with this belief, she never uses black or white…

Nazanin grew up in Iran, which she still finds truly awe-inspiring: “Everything in Iran has interesting patterns, which is a great source of inspiration to me.” Since each project is different, she always looks for inspiration in different areas of art and history of Iran: different parts of country, folk dance, pottery and even calligraphy. Nazanin has been working as a freelance designer since 2006 and it’s always been a priority for her to “make her clients’ dreams come true”, which aligns with Katie Malik Interiors goal and holistic approach to interior design. Nazanin always carefully considers two things when designing: her personal preferences and customers preferences; she always tries to combine them, considering visual impression and practicality. She’s also taken on projects such as hand painting the scarves and acrylic-painting on natural fabrics. Nazanin is in fond of natural fabrics because she’s eco-friendly, and, as she claims, they’re more flexible so that she can paint on them more easily. Furthermore, they are particularly light and skin-friendly. Her favourite fabric is silk produced in some regions of Iran, and she uses it because of its particular softness and interesting shades. Her design activities go beyond textiles. During her master degree, she designed a collection of tiles, with truly interesting patterns inspired by her country’s rich heritage.

Katie Malik Interior Designer Cambridge
Nazanin Amiri’s design

She can also take pride in her designs for a restaurant of a traditional hotel in the cultural capital of Iran, Isfahan. Each year, Isfahan is visited by thousands of tourists, thus, the city hums with hotels.

Katie Malik Interior designer Cambridge

Nazanin designed wallpapers, curtains, tiles and table cloths to make the interior more appealing and memorable, but also more traditional. She’s included motifs of the three eras of Iranian emperors, crucial to the history of art in Iran. She’s also extracted the patterns from the paintings made during these periods.

Katie Malik Interior Designer Cambridge
Wallpaper designed by Nazanin Amiri

When I asked her what she considers her greatest achievement, she humbly answered she thought she fulfilled all her clients’ expectations. Her designs are not only unique, but also affordable.

Katie Malik Interior Designer Cambridge
Cushion design by Nazanin Amiri
Katie Malik Interior Designer Cambridge
Decorative frame by Nazanin Amiri
Katie Malik Interior designer Cambridge
Table cloth by Nazanin Amiri
Katie Malik Interior Designer Cambridge
Wallpaper design by Nazanin Amiri

Her dream is to combine garment with interior textiles design, as she’s truly passionate about both.

I hope you will find her designs inspiring, just like me. If you want to receive advice, read interesting interviews and reviews, follow my blog.


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