Creating a contemporary, timeless design

In August 2015 I was contacted by a client who’d bought a new 5-bedroom house in one of the new home developments in Cambridge, who asked me if I could help him and his wife completely furnish their new home. They were just about to relocate and needed not only help with choosing the right pieces but also help with procuring all items. They wanted a house to be functional for them and their daughters, but also stylish and timeless. They wanted to achieve something that wouldn’t date with time, and something their daughters could grow up with. I strongly believe we’ve achieved all of that and created fantastic spaces that the whole family enjoys, even the cat ‘Kitty’…

dsc_7220_23956411782_o copy

You can see snippets of the most important spaces here…I hope you will find some inspiration for your own space/-s.

I would also like to share how my client describes working with me: Katie Malik is well versed in her field and provided very efficient service. Her ability to put our requirement for our house into perspective is quite remarkable. So, if you’d like help creating your ideal space in 2016, drop me an email to discuss how I can be of help.


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