Design inspirations: Mariam Cullum Ceramics

January 2016 is the kitchen month, at least in the Katie Malik Interiors studio. Why? Because we are very proud the kitchen we designed was featured in the Ideal Home Magazine (February issue 2016- hurry if you’d like to grab your own copy!).

Something we all need in our kitchens…ceramics. As a child I was surrounded by beautiful ceramics and pottery, and even carried some around with me as a student. But, of course, with time, I have developed my own style, and felt the urge to acquire some pieces that fell into ‘Katie’s style’ category.

Once a year, I try to visit a pretty well-know pottery exhibition organised by Anglian Potters in various places dotted around Cambridge. Last time, a few pieces by Mariam Cullum caught me eye…what can I say: simply stunning, delicate, somehow standing out to me. I could see the uniqueness, artistic flair in every single piece, so when one of my best friends was getting married, I knew what I was going to offer her.


I found an amazing tea set (a one-off!) and arranged with Mariam to visit her studio to pick up the gift. It was still a beautiful early autumn day and I was immediately taken by Mariam’s beautiful, fabulously maintained garden and her amazing personality.


Mariam’s studio’s located in the garden, just like mine, so I immediately felt she’s connected with the nature, just like me. I was inspired by colours, shapes, texture and materials of her ceramics, and will definitely purchase more in the future.


Check Mariam’s work here:


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