Katie Malik Interior Designer Cambridge

Revisiting kitchen trends 2016

Inspired by Katie Malik Interiors recent visit to KBB Birmingham 2016, we’d like to share with our readers all we have grasped from the seminar about the kitchen trends of the year 2016. When the kitchen designed by Katie Malik Interiors was picked to illustrate how to use fresh mint in the kitchen in the article 12 Hot kitchen trends to sizzle in 2016, I was over the moon! Especially because I knew the kitchen was going to be featured in the Ideal Home Magazine in February as well!

Below are a few things we’ve learnt during the kitchen trend seminar in Birmingham KBB Exhibition.

It seems clients buying products online has now become a permanent trend; buying online has enabled clients to access trends very quickly; however, with the rise of this facility, we started to be needing simplicity. This has been leading us to turn more local and source locally with longevity, support for independence as the driving factors. What is has also caused was the falling back in love with doing things ourselves, recycling and upcycling to create unique things.

Clearly, all of that, has had an immense impact of how we design kitchens- one of most important spaces in every family home. In the design we notice a rapid drop in the consumption of materials. We’re definitely in for constantly improved solutions for small spaces, accessible tall units etc. The not to so new, but definitely improved trend for kitchens now is simply to close the kitchen off when not needed.

Katie Malik Interior Designer Cambridge
Kitchen Trends 2016- Hide Away Kitchen

Layouts reflect the need for a multitude of functions, with zoning, rather than simply open plans.

IMG_5334 copy
Kitchen zoning with the use of natural wood

As for colours, although grey is still considered to be one of the primary choices for kitchens, we’re seeing more blue tones. We’re equally welcoming of monochromatic schemes with layering black and white.


Katie Malik Interior Designer Cambridge
Dining and kitchen areas 



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