Katie Malik Interior designer Cambridge

2 years of blogging anniversary-Katie Malik Interiors

This is an unusual posts because it’s writing about blogging which started 2 years ago!

Exactly 2 years ago on the 1st of April, I wrote my first blog post! I was very excited to started blogging and sharing the ideas, products I would come across! Now, looking at the first posts, they were a lot more focused on sharing with my readers the new products I would find. The very first one was actually about a copper tray I found in Zara while shopping for accessories for one the projects I was working on then. Funnily enough, copper is THE FINISH this year 🙂 I also remember I started a blog separately from my website because I was still commuting to work and wanted to be able to type the posts on the train back then… A lot has changed for me as a designer from that moment- I stopped working for a studio in London completely and started operating completely independently as Katie Malik Interiors. Many of my projects have been featured in various online articles, and one even landed 4 pages in the Ideal Home magazine this year.

Apparently my blog was visited 8431 times by 3473 visitors 🙂 I have made 105 posts and 299 people follow me!

Taking everything into account, I am very pleased with how much I I have managed to share and how many people I hopefully inspired 🙂



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