Katie Malik Interior designer Cambridge

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I can’t believe it’s been over a month since I published my last post…each time I promise myself I will be more regular-sharing all ideas, products etc. and then work gets in the way…

Today, I’d like to share with you a wallpaper which I have specified for one of my projects Boutique Style Apartment in Cambridge. It’s a beautiful debut wallpaper product launched by 17 Patterns which make luxury wallcoverings and fabrics. Why are they so special? All designs are unique as they are products of collaboration with artists. What’s also important is that they are printed in the UK on ethically sourced quality paper stock using ecologically sound water-based inks- sounds amazing to me as I’m trying to specify environmentally-friendly products.

Katie Malik Interior Designer Cambridge
Dazzle White Wallpaper

Why did I choose this wallpaper? It’s truly original, has a beautiful depth to it and ties in with the elegant, monochromatic scheme…I’m not going to use it traditionally though…but for the time being it’s a little secret…Check the project portfolio when everything is installed for some inspiration 😉

Of course there’s a lot more in the 17 Patterns collections that you might find as inspiring as I have…


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