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Space design ‘challenge’

I’d like to share with my readers some observations & reflections made on a recent project in the South of Cambridge for which I have been asked to undertake a task of space design. Why would anyone need a space design? Well, for a myriad of reasons…but we’ll focus on just a few…

Katie Malik Interior Designer Cambridge
Space Design with flow by Katie Malik Interiors

Reason number ‘1‘- Space design can actually help you get rid of the feeling of ‘frustration’…”I would really like to have a small gym,” my client said, “but the architect didn’t include it in the proposed plans…can you design the space so that my house has a gym?” The answer is ‘yes’! With a clever and well-thought space design, we could accommodate this request.

Reason number ‘2‘- If you’re planning a redesign or an extension you’ll certainly need  to think about lighting at some point, so having a space designed and having a very clear idea of the layout, will enable you to place the lighting in the right spots to allow for different functions. Remember that lighting should be an integral part of any design (Never give lighting a secondary importance!).

Imagine the space below differently…It’s an open plan-great! Katie Malik Interiors loves open plans, but if you didn’t actually think carefully how this space is going be organised and didn’t decide what goes where, and what size furniture is going to be…would it be then obvious where to place the pendants?


Reason number ‘3‘- Engaging an interior designer in a space design before commencing any work, such as knocking the walls, doing plumbing works etc. can not only save you from a lot of frustration, but also save you a lot of £££. Just imagine how much easier the the transformation process will be if you know where your shower, bath, WC and wash basins are going and sizes they are…

One of my friends has recently bought a house, and he’s undertaking a lot of work by himself. He told me he found this great wash basin stand, but he was not sure it would fit; unfortunately, he didn’t check the dimensions, didn’t check how it would fit into the space, and in the end it turned out he’s lost money because the size of the stand was too big for the existing bathroom dimensions.

Katie Malik Interior Designer Cambridge
Sample bathroom space design by Katie Malik Interiors

I hope this post was useful, and has given some food for thought, especially for those of you who are struggling to find the best solutions to their spaces.

If you’d like to learn a bit about space design, join my ‘Love your space‘ course I’ll be running on Saturday, 4th of June in Cambridge.


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