Nature-inspired interior (Case study)

Who wouldn’t like their apartment to look and feel more inviting and connected with nature? Nowadays, most people live in cities and although for a myriad of reasons, they choose prime central locations, they want to still remain connected with  nature; so how do you bring nature into your apartment?

First thing that probably springs into your mind is ‘plants’ and I would say definitely ‘yes’ provided you actually don’t forget to water them and don’t go hiking every weekend…So if you’re one of these flat owners who doesn’t necessarily have a lot of time to look after the plants, better not put them there 😉

Katie Malik Interior Designer Cambridge
Living wall plants (Pintrest source)

How else can you bring the elements of nature into a rather monochromatic apartment? Use colours and textures from a natural environment- select your palette very carefully unless you don’t mind a colourful jungle look 😉 Remember that textures will help you make the space feel cozy.

You can go step further and purchase a few pieces which resemble those from nature, such as these stunning tree trunk side tables Katie Malik Interiors have specified for the Vesta Project in central #Cambridge:

Katie Malik Interior designer Cambridge
Tree Trunk side table (French connection Home)

Think about your artwork! If you’re afraid of being too bold with colour, bring it in your art! And how about some botanicals?

Katie Malik Interior designer Cambridge
Original prints from Luminaire Artwork

Or if you’re not a big fan of botanicals, why not opt for some beautiful landscapes?

Katie Malik Interior Designer Cambridge
Original photography Wales

#KatieMalikInteriors has started installations on the #Natureinspiredapartment and we are hoping for the completion beginning of July 2016! It’s going to be real retreat in #centralcambridge


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