Katie Malik Interior designer Cambridge

Interior Design Fees- ‘The challenge’

The most common question I get asked as an interior designer “How much do you charge?”, and since it’s always challenging to price a project, I thought it would be a good idea to explain a bit more about the process.

Unfortunately, the question “How much do you charge” is difficult to answer in the first email or phone call, without getting a good understanding of the scope of work. That’s why I always prefer to have a get-to-know you meeting first before I even start thinking about pricing the project. After our initial meeting, which involves getting to know you and establishing the project scope, I write a Proposal where I describe the services I offer and which the client is requesting, with payments required for each stage. Everything is itemised and hence transparent, so there are no surprises at the end. Having said that, I always highlight that while we go to great lengths to get our clients comfortable with the design and provide them with options they need, time spent on continuous revisions and reselections has to be billed.


Another common question/challenge is “I was hoping to spend only x amount on this, can you do it for that?”

I would love to be able to do that, but the proposal is always based on the clients’ requirements versus my time spent on fulfilling those requirements. If you had expected to spend less, we could potentially agree on what could be done within the budget you allocated to the designer’s fees, however, because the fees are linked to the scope of work,  i.e., if the budget doesn’t allow you to pay for my time to do the job, I will not be able to help.

Let’s imagine a different situation; you enter a shop, and see a lovely pair of shoes you’d like to buy, but they are out of your initial budget; you either agree to pay more than you expected or you don’t buy the shoes; i have never seen anyone asking if they could buy a £100 pair of shoes for £60 but without the shoelaces (as an example).

At Katie Malik Interiors we provide great quality of both service and design, which has been recently awarded by the Houzz Community; and hence we focus on value of appointing us for our clients to bring fantastic design solutions to their spaces.

Katie Malik Interior designer Cambridge
Best of Houzz Awards 2016




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