The Basket Room

Clever storage solutions

A while ago, while going through one of my favourite magazines #ElleDecoration I came across these lovely baskets from The Basket Room, which were presented not as baskets but clever storage solutions…some of you can probably see how these could work and some of you can’t quite imagine what could be possibly stored in them…It’s definitely a nice option if you’d like to add a bit of texture, character and story into a space; for example, these baskets would be very welcome in any ethnic-theme home.

The Basket Room

I really like this styling option of baskets in different sizes, but the same design displayed on a bench:

The Basket Room baskets
The Basket Room baskets

Some of you, however, prefer more built-in options, which can ideally double its function; these are usually more appropriate for other interior styles, such as contemporary or transitional spaces.

Katie Malik Interior Designer Cambridge
Built-in storage bench with wardrobes designed by Katie Malik Interiors


This is an example of a built-in storage bench which doubles as a seating area in otherwise, rather small bedroom.

Below, another example of a built-in joinery with plenty of really versatile storage: for books, blankets, shoes, whatever you can fit in the drawers.

Katie Malik Interior designer Cambridge
Landing with built-in storage designed by Katie Malik Interiors

Do you have a storage dilemma? If you get really stuck, contact Katie Malik Interiors for advice or consultation.


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