Bedroom Design- yes or no to headboards?

There is no doubt bedrooms are one of the most important spaces in the entire house, as this is where we usually spend most of our time when at home. Bedrooms should be very carefully designed to ensure we can rest in them properly. I have written a few posts about #bedroomdesign, one devoted specifically to lighting and another one to the importance of creating successful schemes and furniture in bedrooms. In this post, however, I would like to focus specifically on #headboards- should we use them or not?

I work with a number of people, who have very different visions and also preferences, which also include the design of beds. Most of my clients prefer their beds to have headboards; most of the time, the main motivation is comfort as headboards provide extra back support, especially when reading. The other driving factor is the look of headboards, which somehow allows beds to take the centre stage in a space and either continue or create a specific style. Of course, depending on the style, you can create something more #boutique like, just like we did with this beautiful oversized #headboard (below) for a boutique apartment in #Cambridge

Katie Malik Interior Designer Cambridge
Bespoke Headboard with wenge frame

Or something  #sophisticated and #chic like with this #Enzo #bed from #thesofaandchaircompany

4_guest_bedroom_3A copy

Another beautiful one, which #KatieMalikInteriors used for the Nature Inspired Apartment in #Cambridge was this #simplistic and #modern #Stratford #headboard from Alter

If you don’t like big size headboard, and would rather go for something #minimal and #timeless, this fantastic #picasso #bed would be perfect for your bedroom (also from the Sofa & Chair Company)

Picasso Bed from the Sofa & Chair Company
Picasso Bed from the Sofa & Chair Company

#KatieMalikInteriors specified the picasso bed for the Malvern project bedrooms


For more Scandi-inspired or country look, you could opt for a wooden bed with wooden headboard. I personally love this cute #oakbed with storage from Loaf that #KatieMalikInteriors specified for the Foster project.

I am not showing bedrooms design with no headboard here on purpose…because I am very much in favour of using them 🙂 Hope this post has convinced you to have one as well…

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