What’s new in design- Decorex & 100% Design 2016 report

Every single year there are exhibitions I simply don’t miss- one of my favourite one is Decorex International, and this year I returned to 100% design to be only pleasantly surprised about the range of suppliers exhibiting very interesting, innovative products.

This is more of a visual report from both exhibitions Katie Malik Interiors attended on 19th-21st September 2016, I hope you will enjoy viewing the products which caught our eyes and hopefully they will awaken your imagination just like they did ours 🙂

Geometric patterns still going strong…

The draft post on Monochromatic interiors has been sitting in my draft folder for over 2 weeks…now, I feel even more motivated to finish it…For a much shorter overview of monchromatic furniture read this post.


New finishes and shapes…

As interior design is all about not only ensuring the space looks amazing, but it also works for people living in it; since we are getting short of space and actually accumulating more and more stuff, it is essential to offer clever storage solutions and think ‘multi-functional’ furniture. So, when we saw this, we were really thrilled!

Our new fabulous find- kitchen rediscovered…

The devil’s all in detail…

Stunning details on a new dining chair by kokette…it’s also very important to test the product!

And we’ve seen lots of blue hues…blue’s definitely back!


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