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Bedroom redesign: case study

So far bedrooms seem to have been appearing as a subject for my blog posts quite often (A post on headboards, how to create a perfect bedroom part II & part I), and there is no wonder as this seems to be one of the most important spaces in everyone’s home. Even if some of us spend our lives at work, when we come back home, even if we don’t cook or don’t watch TV, we always go to sleep…

Katie Malik Interiors have been recently invited to provide a new scheme for an existing Master Bedroom in Milton, Cambridge. The brief was to create a serene scheme and suggest window treatment that would completely block out the light. My client loves patterns, so I made sure I included that in the new scheme.

Initially, I proposed two different schemes: 1) Grey and yellow & 2) Duck egg/silver blue

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My client loved both but she decided to opt for the blue one. After discussing a few changes, we have finalised the design:

Katie Malik Interior Designer
Chosen Bedroom Scheme
Katie Malik Interior Designer Cambridge
Chosen Bedroom Scheme

Instead of traditional table lamps, I have suggested pendants on the bedside tables and table lamps on the chest of drawers.

Mena Pendant
Mena Pendant

We have selected a beautiful wallpaper from Vescom to create a feature wall and tie in geometrically with the headboard.

Vescom wallpaper
Vescom wallpaper

The light fittings themselves are beautifully made to resemble a pattern. For the window treatment, we have selected a roller blind inside the window recess and a roman blind fitted outside the window frame to provide a complete black-out solution.

Roman Blind Fabric from Romo
Roman Blind Fabric from Romo

We have also incorporated our client’s existing furniture.

This is how the bedroom looked like before:

Katie Malik Interior Designer Cambridge
Bedroom ‘before’

It definitely needed a new, fresh, yet more soothing colour scheme, and less of matching, and more coordinating of fabrics and patterns.

If you’d like to transform one of your rooms, Katie Malik Interiors can help you create a dream space…


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