I’m Interior Designer with true passion for creating functional spaces with distinctive features. You can read more about me and how I started my career in Interior Design here: http://katiemalik.co.uk/about/

Katie Malik Interiors is a Cambridge-based interior design studio. The studio is about so much more than “what looks right”. In accordance with the belief “A home should reflect the people living there”, Katie Malik Interiors is about taking a holistic view of the way individuals use and enjoy their space and creating the best solutions in the existing interior spaces.

Katie’s unique way of approaching design stems from working in one of the most prestigious high-end residential studios 1508London, where she’s acquired both the design and client presentation methods. Every design process starts with an in-depth brief where Katie collects the information about the client, their needs and desires. This is then translated into a concept design, supported by revised layouts, proposed fabrics, materials and sketches. The concept presentation is not done through a simple board with images or/and samples, but instead the client receives a carefully collated booklet, which they can keep and come back to whenever they wish to, and all fabrics and materials are carefully arranged in a box, which allows to take out the sample, look at it carefully, touch it, try it in a different light. All of this contributes to a holistic design experience. The process is then repeated as the client’s comments are addressed, and design developed. In the next development stage, we offer our clients beautiful 3D interior visualisations, called CGIs, not only 3D models. These realistic renderings allow our clients to really see what their space is going to look and feel like. Once the design is approved, we move on to technical design where we produce drawings for tender and construction. Our clients, should they wish, can also delegate sourcing of finishes, fittings and furniture to us. We then coordinate deliveries to the site and installations. After the project starts we also visit the site, which is the best way to ensure the integrity of the design is achieved.

To find out more and view my portfolio, please visit my website http://www.katiemalik.co.uk


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